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Watch Amateur golfers around the world are excitedly using a breakthrough new putter to virtually eliminate three and four putt greens. From 13 year old junior golfers to 67 year old grandmothers, golfers are raving about their putting improvement... Watch this exciting video to see what this breakthrough new putter can do for YOU!
It does not matter whether you want a Conventional style, a Mid/Belly style, a Long Style, a Face-On Style - or any other style of putter - The REESO putter technology is - ready to help you, regardless of what style putter you prefer..

Announcing the 2010 REESO VTX™Putter.
Style Conventional Belly Long Face-On
  discount conventional putter discount belly putter discount long putter discount face-on or side saddle golf putter
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65 Year Old Retired Aerospace Engineer With Weak Vison (Astigmatism and Macular Degeneration) Accidently Discovers An Amazing Putter Alignment and Fitting Secret That Promises To Eliminate Three and Four Putt Greens.

The discovery will shock and amaze you! It is a new Easy Align and Fit Shaft Mounting revelation that will take you just a few practice putts to fully appreciate yourself...Instantly raising your confidence in your putting alignment and guaranteeing that your very next pressure putt will feel like a gimmee! 2009 VTX model of REESO putter
(Dateline: Ocala, Florida)   

Are You A "Wonder" Putter? Do You Wonder If You Will Make Your Next Putt?   

Are You tired of 3 or 4 putting after finally reaching the green?   

Are you frustrated about missing a 4 foot birdie or par putt after a great approach shot?   

Well then, you are probably fighting some type of putter alignment or fitting problem.   

What I have discovered will solve your alignment and fitting problem(s) and give you laser like alignment confidence on putts of any length....especially those dog gone 4 footers.

best new golf putter inventor Sandy Reese

Hello, my name is J. Sandy Reese.

For over 45 years I was an excellent putter but then in my late fifties and early sixties I really began to struggle with alignment issues that ruined my confidence on the greens... to the point of me seriously considering giving up the game I had grown to love over all those years.

Fortunately, my engineering curiosity wouldn't let me just give up.

I knew my vision had grown weak over those years with astigmatism and macular degeneration making it increasingly difficult to see straight lines as straight. So right after I retired, I decided to try an figure out what could be done to help my putting. I ran a lot of tests using laser devices to study vision effects on putting alignment.

Most golfers are aware of right eye or left eye dominance effects but few realize how significant the alignment errors can be. But more importantly, astigmatism and macular degeneration difficulties with seeing straight lines as straight can make it nearly impossible to properly and consistently align a putter face just using just the top line of the face.

During my testing I discovered that framing lines and straight (linear) objects pointing towards the target could help overcome most vision difficulties. And, I concluded that most "alignment" aides on the market like balls and odd geometric shapes served more to confuse than help the average golfer.

Don't forget, golfers at the professional level have exceptional visual and hand/eye coordination skills. So just because some putter is popular with the pro's doesn't mean it is going to be the best answer for the majority of non-professional golfers.

After over two years of study, experimentation, and building and testing many putter prototypes I discovered the ultimate putter fitting and alignment solution--an open frame with a rear mounted shaft!

Whether you are a highly skilled golfer with great vision or a struggling senior golfer with vision challenges, this new putter design is guaranteed to help you improve your putting.

When I filed my initial U.S. Patent appication for the REESO Putter in 2004 I really did not expect my unique design to be the massive hit that it became - not in my wildest dreams.

I knew from the start that it was a great putter design, and that it had the potential to help people lower their scores through really improved putting, but I never expected it to gain such a large following of raving fans.

A Dream Come True For Anyone Interested
In Dramatically Improving Their Putting

I saw your ad on the internet for your putter, was intrigued and so I ordered one. When it arrived, four of us used the putter in the office for about 5 days and loved the feel, but we knew that the proof would be on the green. Today I met my golf pro and spent the entire afternoon working with the putter. Totally amazing. We started with an upright lie angle and after looking at where were my eyes were in relation to the ball we increased the lie angle...and I couldn't miss. 3-5 footers were brainless. From 30 feet I sank 4 of 10. The ones that didn't go in the hole were within 12 inches. Every time. The feel and sound of the putter is just amazing. The roll is so true and alignment is no longer a question. Your web site made it easy to specify a 31" shaft length. Like most people I was using a 35" off the rack store bought putter that I always choked down on and often time ended up with bent elbows rather than naturallly hanging arms. This putter is going to change my short game! I am not one to write reviews. I am doing this because I am truely amazed. THANK YOU!

Beau G.-- California      

People like Newell M, from Michigan, who wrote to tell me:


I feel that the Reeso putter rolls the ball
better than any other putter that I have used.
The concentration of weight behind the center of
the putter face gives me a nice feel and sound.
The adjustability is very helpful in geting
the proper lie angle to suit my putting style.


Or Jon M. from Florida who says:


I love the putter.
The first tournament I used it in I shot 6 under.
Best tournament of the year.
I also just got through the first stage of Q-school.
I made a lot of putts. It has saved me 1-3 shots per round.


Since its launch the REESO Putter has become the putter of choice for thousands of users and has generated an ongoing stream of unsolicited testimonials.

In the words of Patrick W. of Virginia:


The putter is everything it is advertised to be.
The adjustable lie angle is something that really makes the putter special


And Jim D of Missouri, put it beautifully when he said:


Since I received your REESO putter, my putting has improved greatly.
The workmanship and balance is just superb.
Everyone at my golf club who tried your putter, just loved it.
With adjustable lie angles and swing weight adjustments
to fit any golfers needs.
Any golfers out there looking to improve their putting,
you can not go wrong with this great product.
Sheer brilliance!


But that is just the first chapter in the story, now we have made the REESO Putter even better.

Our 2010 REESO VTX model includes a new patent pending easy align and fitting system.

We took the successful design of the previous version, and we added several amazing new features that allow golfers to have success with their putters beyond their wildest dreams.

The REESO VTX Putter can make
your putting dreams come true

If you are a low handicapper, or a high handicapper, the REESO VTX Putter really is the one golf game improvement putter you must have.

Instead of struggling with off the rack putters that were designed for the masses, you can get your hands on an adjustable putter (so easy a 5th grader can do it!) that was designed with YOU in mind.

Not only does the REESO VTX™ Putter include an amazingly well thought out patented method for creating perfect balance and roll, but it packs an amazing punch when it comes to features that are simply not available anywhere else - at any price..

Instead of spending frustrating days, weeks and months trying to adapt your stance, set up and stroke to a one size fits all putter, the REESO VTX will let you focus on building your putting success with a putter that actually fits you. It will help you to work smart not hard. 

In the all-time classic Putting Out of Your Mind noted sports psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella wrote the profound phrase:


If you think you will make the putt you probably will
and if you don't think you will then you probably won't


big golf cup

Those words were written years before the REESO VTX™Putter model was released, and yet it is as though they were written specifically with this amazing putter in mind.

  Pay close attention to what I am about to tell you or run the risk of ending up like the majority of other golfers that will continue to be frustrated, angry, and finding themselves struggling to make putts when they need to. (Or not making any putts at all.)

  You know that everything comes down to your ability to have fewer putts. Period. Without fewer putts there are no lower scores.

  So if you want to lower your scores then you absolutely must know how to have fewer putts. No exceptions.

  The good news is that you are about 5 days away from ticking off a whole bunch of your golfing buddies. I'm serious. Pretty soon, they're going to envy your putting. They may even be asking you for putting lessons!.

  Because just 5 days from now, you're finally going to experience the art and science of professional-quality PUTTING -- the kind of putting you see the top touring pro's pull off with such apparent ease whenever you watch the highlights of the U.S. Open, the Masters, and other major tournaments.

   How am I so sure that you are going to be putting better than you ever have before just 5 days from now?

   It's very simple: I have personally received hundreds of REESO™ Putter success story phone calls and testimonials from golfers all across the U.S. and around the world so I know what works!
2009 VTX model of REESO putter In this amazing new putter design, I reveal for the first time my absolutely unique (and totally brilliant) patented approach to the all-important (but frequently neglected) putter shaft mounting method. The centered shaft is positioned behind the face and mounted to the rear of the putter so that the open frame design can visually aid alignment like no other putter on the market. And, it helps the putter head stays on track through out your stroke

REESO custom putter face with vertical grooves I also reveal for the first time my equally unique and brilliant patent pending approach to the all-important (but frequently neglected) area of putter face performance enhancement. My new innovative vertical grooves are CNC milled right into the face of the putter instead of using any kind of insert materials. The vertical grooves give a soft feel and widen the sweet spot for more consistent distance control. And, they perform like mini-tracks to start the ball with a pure roll.
REESO custom putter face with vertical grooves I also reveal for the first time my equally unique and brilliant patent pending approach to the all-important (but frequently neglected) area of putter set up. My new innovative easy fit system allows the golfer to quickly set the lie of the putter to match his/her setup posture . And, this USGA conforming shaft mounting system even allows you to quickly interchange shaft/grip units. For example, you can order a Conventional length putter and a Belly or Long or Face-On shaft/grip unit so you will in effect have two putters.
The new REESO VTX™ Putter is the most "golfer friendly" putter on the market today (so easy to adjust that a 5th grader can do it). It is the Last Putter You Will Ever Need To Buy because you can easily adapt it to changing playing conditions, physiological changes,or personal putting preference changes.

It is "Playable Right Out of the Box"because it comes fully assembled and already setup for standard playing conditions.

The new REESO VTX™ Putter is an open frame, rear mount center shafted, high MOI, face balanced mallet head golf putter. The design is so unique it has one U.S. Patent and another two pending.

* Why Open Frame - For the best visual alignment setup by simply framing the golf ball.
* Why Rear Mount Center Shafted - For the most balanced weight distribution to ensure pure roll and consistent distance control.
* Why High MOI - To reduce twisting on off center hits.
* Why Face Balanced - For the most true straight back / straight through stroke on those key 3 to 6 foot putts.
* Why Mallet Head - The only way to achieve all of the above benefits in a single golf putter head.

top view of custom golf putter custom golf putter face with vertical grooves rear view of custom adjustable weight golf putter discount golf putter grip
Address Face Weight Ports Grip
Weight can be easily adjusted by you the golfer to quickly and easily fine tune this putter for different playing conditions if desired. The REESO VTX™ Putter is available in a wide range of lengths from 30 inches to 54 inches. It is suitable for all styles of putting including Conventional, Mid/Belly, Long, and Face-On(Side Saddle).
The REESO VTX™ Putter combines a revolutionary new Vertical Groove™ face design with the proven REESO AutoTrack™ Alignment and Stroke Technology to produce the most golfer friendly, USGA conforming, putter available today.

Here Is What This Amazing New Putter Will Do For You:

* So Easy To Align That Three Footers Seem Like Gimmees
* Improved Distance Control Means Closer Lag Putts!
* Fits you perfectly instead of you having to fit it!
* Automatically improve your stroke
* Virtualy eliminate three and four putts!

This New Golf Putter Design Will Let You Putt Better Than You Ever Have Before. Now You Can Bogey, Par or Birdie Almost Every Hole, Every Round, Slashing 8-to-10 Strokes (Or More) Off Your Game...Overnight!
The week of my 69th birthday I put my amazing new putter to the test and proved that it works -- On my very first round with it I shot a *76* with 16 one putt greens and 3 birdies! (Even though I have weak vision(astigmatism and macular degeneration) and arthritis in my wrists I have since continued to shoot low scores thanks to making more putts with my incredible invention.)
This REVOLUTIONARY new putter design is unlike anything you've ever seen before! Yet it produces pure roll... and is astonishingly accurate... and SO EFFECTIVE, everyone will think you're guiding the ball into the cup by "REMOTE CONTROL"!
I know I don't have to tell you how important good putting is. But let's review some success keys that most golfers try to ignore...

KEY #1: The fastest and easiest way to reduce your golf score is to improve your putting.

You can shave more strokes off each round through good putting than if you learned to drive the ball 325 yards down the middle of the fairway like the pro's do. Of course you will still want to continue to improve the other parts of your game in addition to your putting.

KEY #2: Most golfers three-putt on average, about 4-to-6 times a round!

THIS IS THE #1 REASON WHY MOST HIGH-HANDICAP GOLFERS CAN'T BREAK 100! Listen: If you're shooting 103 now... and you knock 4 strokes off your score by two-putting every hole that you're three-putting now... you've just broken 100 -- without all the time, frustration, and expense of trying to improve your drives or your ball striking!

KEY #3: Good putting is what separates the winners from the losers!

Let's face it: The pro's who know how to putt are the ones who win the TOP money. As the saying goes, "You drive for show, but you putt for dough." A pro will spend a large percentaqe of his/her practice time on the putting green and around the putting green -- NOT the driving range! (But for most golfers, it's the other way around.)

We get out on the golf course, we focus all our attention on our ball striking, and we figure that putting is something we can just "do" and learn by "divine intervention" -- and hope for the best! We all ignore our putting game because... Nobody's ever really helped us putt SUCCESSFULLY!

With my amazing new putter and simple step by step instructions you will quickly putt better, much better, GUARANTEED!

Imagine how great it will feel to turn 3 putts into 1 putts. This amazing new putter design will help you Be The Best Putter You Can Be!

open    Now I rarely ever miss a makeable putt...!  closed

And once you see my new putter, The REESO VTX™ PUTTER, you'll understand WHY I can make such a strong statement. I'm serious. Seeing this putter will be a revelation for you. It has been for everyone else who's seen it so far.
And let me tell you, this putter performs unlike anything you've ever tried before. It smashes all the myths and misconceptions about putter design -- and utterly destroys most of the "advice" you get from pitchmen on TV and in the magazine ads.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to fully describe my design in words. You have to see it to UNDERSTAND it -- and then try it to BELIEVE it! Then, I'm firmly convinced that you're going to be writing your own success story as soon as you try my new putter.

Step by Step Color Illustrated Instruction Manual!

Rather than just provide you with the putter, we wanted to go the extra mile and provide you with a complete, easy to follow color illustrated Instruction Manual.

We really want to help you maximize your potential. We want you to be able to make great use of the putting power you will have at your finger tips.

Unlike most other golf putter companies who provide you with very little in the way of helpful documentation we wanted to provide you with absolutely everything you could possibly need - to properly use your new putter.

This Step by Step Instruction Manual is included completely free with your purchase of any model of the REESO VTX™ Putter

instruction manual

REESO VTX Putter Instruction Manual

This color illustrated booklet will take you step-by-step
through setup and use of your new putter.

Pages: 27
Format: Printed and bound

   In Conclusion...

If you've read this page to this point you've seen for yourself all the incredible features that the REESO VTX™ Putter puts at your disposal. Every one of them contributes in direct and in-direct ways to helping you become the best putter you can be.

If you want lower scores with fewer putts then the REESO VTX™ Putter is exactly what you need, right now!

So what's the price?

The price of the REESO VTX™ Putter is normally over $300 - and people who have already used it will confirm it is worth even more than that amount.

But, as a marketing test for our new VTX model we are conducting a Special Internet Sales Event. For a limited time only, we are setting a Special Introductory Sales Price of only $247 for the Conventional Style REESO VTX™ Putter.

For each of our previous three REESO putter models we have always ended up raising the price as demand has increased. So, to be sure you get your REESO VTX™ Putter at the Special Introductory Sales Price you must act immediately. Demand is rising quickly and I don't know how much longer we can continue to hold the price at this level.

Hold on ...

It gets even better.

For a limited time, we are also including over $150 worth of bonuses that will help you to get the very most from your new putter.

Bonus #1 - The Complete Game DVD set

specialty golf instruction

 This 3+ hour series features three of Golf Digests Top 10 instructors: 2007 PGA Teacher of the Year Jim Hardy; prominent peak performance coach, Dr. David Cook; and short game instruction from leading authority, Stan Utley.   Normally sharing these secrets with their touring pro clientele, these men have teamed up to provide a unique, comprehensive summit exclusively for the The Links of Utopia.   Also included are live interviews and a special Faith Based bonus section including special guest James Robison, founder and president of Life Outreach International.

Disk One-Features Jim Hardy, providing Tour Pro techniques to improve your swing. His technique breaks down the one-plane and two-plane swing. Youll find out which one is right for you and learn his simple method that will help you improve your swing in no time.   Dr. David Cook follows with mental game coaching that will help you play your best on game day by learning how to deal with the interference and adversity that comes with the heat of competition.    Hell teach you his see it, feel it, trust it techniques, helping to improve your game when it counts the most.

Disk Two - Stan Utley provides tour-tested secrets for lowering your scores with a solid short game. Sharing techniques on chipping and putting, Stan describes and demonstrates the proper stroke for both.   In the Q&A section, former tour player Mike Brisky digs deeper in an interview that explores what road led these men to prominence, what make Tiger Woods great, and what is each mans driving force.   In a special Faith Based Bonus Section, youll hear a real life story from Dr. Cook and encouraging truth from James Robison.

Whether you play on the PGA tour or just on the weekend, The Complete Game is sure to develop and improve your game!

 Value: $24.95

Bonus #2 - Better Putting in 1 Hour

golf putting instruction A 43 page color illustrated PDF guide to all the putting essentials. It covers
everything from putting styles and grip variations through several easy to use practice drills. May be read on line or downloaded.

 Value: $17.00

Bonus #3 - Leather Head Cover

golf putter head cover This premium leather head cover with magnetic fastners will protect your putter when not in use.

 Value: $35.00

Bonus #4 - Weight Kit

adjustable putter weight kit This 132/172 gram brass / tungsten weight kit includes the installation tool and locking screw.

 Value: $30.00

Bonus #5 - Personalized Shaft Label

personalized putter shaft name label Personalized name label to help prevent loss or theft by your jealous golfing buddies

 Value: $7.50

Bonus #6 - Three Keys to Longer Drives

longer golf drives report Special 17 page PDF report on keys to longer drives. Introduces a simple "Driver Turbo Kit". May be read on line or downloaded.

 Value: $24.00

Bonus #7 - How To Play Specialty Golf Shots

specialty golf shot instruction Thirty page color illustrated PDF report showing why golf shots curve and teaching how to play specialty golf shots. May be read on line or downloaded.

 Value: $17.00

I'm sure you'll agree that this represents unbelievable value for your money. Not only do you get an amazing feature-packed putter, but you get some genuinely useful bonuses that are guaranteed to help take your putting and scoring to the next level.

Now, thanks to our 60 day Money Back Guarantee, you can have this putter come to you .. HASSLE FREE -- so you can experience the secrets of professional-quality putting.


The REESO VTX™Putter comes with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle, 60 DAY money back guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever you decide this putter isn't right for you, just send it back to me at anytime within the next 60 days and I'll buy it back from you for every penny you paid(less shipping and handling and a 12% restocking fee).

That's TWO FULL MONTHS to put my putter to the test - all the risk is on me. I don't think I could be any more fair than that!

Use this putter, and your golf ball will seem like it is being willed into the hole!

You'll be yawning as you make putts from 10 to 15 feet. Anything inside 6 feet will seem like a "gimmie".

No longer will you "dread" putting. No longer will you be embarrassed in front of your buddies due to your 3- and 4-putts -- because from now on...


You'll start to make so many putts, you'll get BORED! (Okay, so it won't be boring. But you can "fake it" for your friends, just to rub it in.)'ll start to average a lot fewer putts putts a round.

Put a pencil to it. What will that do to your golf score? If you're an "average" golfer, it could shave as many as EIGHT,TEN or MORE STROKES OFF YOUR GAME!

Like I said at the beginning of this letter, your buddies will ENVY you. And, if you're like me, you'll enjoy it.

Then you'll start playing a whole new level of golf. Making new friends. Having more fun than you ever imagined.

And maybe -- just maybe -- you'll tell your old friends about my putter. After all, they're not such bad guys. They just don't know how to putt!

Here's what to do next:

You can quickly select the style and length putter you want using the Blue"Order Now "button below and then checkout securely online using a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card through our Safe, Secure Server. Your REESO VTX™Putter and Seven Bonus Items will be rush-processed and shipped out to you immediately using UPS Ground delivery.

YES! Sandy, Please rush me your 20010 REESO VTX Putter and Seven Bonus Items that will show me the exact steps I need to take to start making more putts and shooting lower scores ... regardless of whether I am a low or high handicap golfer.

Yours for much better putting,

custom putter inventors signature

J. Sandy Reese
Inventor,The REESO™ Putter

Announcing the 2010 REESO VTX™Putter.
Style Conventional Belly Long Face-On
  discount conventional putter discount belly putter discount long putter discount face-on or side saddle golf putter
Price $307.00 $317.00 $337.00 $337.00
Sales Price $247.00 $257.00 $277.00 $277.00
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P.S. Let me stress one last thing...

I promise: You WILL be amazed at the difference you experience with your putting.

Literally overnight, you will be a totally new golfer. But, I want you to take a full 60 DAYS (2 months) to prove to yourself that this is the best putter you could ever receive. If it's not, just return the putter and bonus items for a no hassle, no-questions-asked REFUND

We can't be any more fair than that. So go ahead and order right now. You have nothing to lose but a pile of those nasty strokes that are clogging up your scorecard!

The Easiest Way to Lower Your Scores ... Guaranteed!